September 22, 2020

Just Another Manic Monday

Yesterday was a long day, a hard day covering a gap created by another driver who was off ill and no cover available. Got to work at 2:30pm, got home at midnight, no breaks, just hard graft. A team of four people stepped up last night to make sure customers got what they had ordered and the company did what it set out to do. Yes the food arrived a little later than planned, but we made it happen. Not always easy in some remote bits of Wales when it’s pitch black, you’re driving a van packed to the roof and using a torch to see house names and numbers!!

Proved to me a united team regardless of income or status can achieve an awful lot. It also highlighted what’s been lacking in some of the organisations I’ve worked with in the past, a group of talented people working together with no common goal other than sharing a payday.

I know which business is more fun to work in.

Monday was also a good day as I got my Key Worker badge as a little thank you from the company 🙂

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