July 21, 2021

Good Deed of the Day – The Other Side of Home Delivery

Pretty hot at the moment to be driving a non air conditioned van delivering to 20 customers a day. Loading a van with 700kg of food and drink, driving up to 200 miles in a shift and walking it up peoples driveways.

One of my final customers this afternoon is a regular, a friendly guy who always welcomes a phone call when you’re on the way so he can get to the door. This customer had a delivery last week from Dave (one of the driving team), who flagged it up to the other drivers that Mr.X wasn’t home to take his delivery and he couldn’t contact him. Something we all felt was a bit odd as he’s not gone far since COVID came along.

Today he appeared on my run, again I couldn’t get an answer at the door or on his mobile, very odd. Mentioned it to the other drivers at shift change over, they agreed unusual. So I asked my manager if he’d contact the police to do a welfare check on him.

Turns out Mr.X was taken into hospital last week, clearly we don’t know why, but it is nice to know he still around. Home Delivery is so much more than just dropping off supplies.


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