September 23, 2021

The reality of working bloody hard to earn very little

I’m extremely grateful to have my job as a home delivery driver since the start of lockdown. It’s kept me mentally and physically fit, and boy has it made me one efficient machine!

We get paid every four weeks and during the last four I’ve worked for a total of 144 hours, over 20 days. Tomorrow is payday and I’ll come away with £1,470 before tax, pension and NI – £10.20 an hour. After my normal household bills, no debt repayment as I don’t have any other than a mortgage, I’m left with £12 a day to live on. That’s to run a car, feed myself and the dog, do fun stuff and save for holidays and rainy days (ok the last three things are stretching it a little). 

I’m trying very hard to improve my situation. I’ve signed up with a temp agency to work on my days off. I’ve taken the HGV medical to train for a better paid career (self funded training), applied for a fair few jobs, continue to do voice over work when it comes in and have just started doing paid online radio again. 

I’m terrified my energy provider will go bust as that will mean a £90 a month increase on what I pay now. My £12 a day would drop to just £8.75 as a result. 

Next time you see that delivery guy on your doorstep, dropping off your shopping, stop and think for a moment why he might be doing the job? Did the industry he worked in disappear at the start of covid, does he have a unique skill set that doesn’t transfer easily. Would I want to be driving and stood outside in all weathers? Most importantly think could I/we live on £12 a day?


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