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May 30, 2021


Not my normal post to honest, but this new usb microphone from Rode is a bit special. I’ll let the video do the talking on this one.

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April 28, 2021

Today I made an elderly customer cry…….

This afternoon I delivered food to a friendly old couple in a local village close to home. They are always chatty and concerned about holding me up for too long. Today they return some fresh bread, I ask why? The response, we asked for it to be sliced and we’re of an age where are hands don’t grip too well so can’t slice it ourselves.

I said OK no problem, I’ll return it to the store and take it off your bill. Driving around the rest of my shift I thought we can do more for that couple.

When I arrived back in Oswestry I asked my shift manager if we could get it sliced and I’d return it to them as a gift from the store on my journey home? She said what a lovely idea.

15 minutes on I was outside the couples house giving the lady two loaves of bread. Her reaction was a face full of tears, lots of thanks and she said ‘that’s service with a big star’.

In my professional career I’ve had people cry before winning cars, loads of cash, holidays etc, but to gift someone £2 worth of bread is way more satisfying than all of that. Customer service is the key to retaining customers and growing your business.

Today it’s been lovely to see that happen in such a simple, uncomplicated way #customerservice #deliverydriver #helpingpeople

September 22, 2020

Just Another Manic Monday

Yesterday was a long day, a hard day covering a gap created by another driver who was off ill and no cover available. Got to work at 2:30pm, got home at midnight, no breaks, just hard graft. A team of four people stepped up last night to make sure customers got what they had ordered and the company did what it set out to do. Yes the food arrived a little later than planned, but we made it happen. Not always easy in some remote bits of Wales when it’s pitch black, you’re driving a van packed to the roof and using a torch to see house names and numbers!!

Proved to me a united team regardless of income or status can achieve an awful lot. It also highlighted what’s been lacking in some of the organisations I’ve worked with in the past, a group of talented people working together with no common goal other than sharing a payday.

I know which business is more fun to work in.

Monday was also a good day as I got my Key Worker badge as a little thank you from the company 🙂

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September 1, 2020

UK Wide Cycle Ride for Diabetes UK

September 1st and I’m back on the bike for the first time in 3 months, and for a good reason. I’m taking part in the UK Wide Cycle Ride to support people affected by diabetes. I aim to cover 250 miles over the month, be that on the roads of Shropshire and Wales or on the Turbo Trainer if the weather is a bit grim!

I’ll be doing this alongside my lockdown home delivery job for Morrison’s, which in its self is pretty good exercise.

There are 4.8 million people living with diabetes in the UK, the complications of which lead to over 500 premature deaths every week.

All donations welcome via www.rv12.co.uk which links to my just giving page. A massive thank you to those who’ve supported me already.

#charity #cycling @diabetesuk #deliverydriver #broadcaster #radio #radiopresenter Morrisons #ukwidecycleride #keepfit

June 18, 2020

Lock Down Job

Not my traditional line of work delivering food for Morrison’s, yet hugely rewarding helping people during this unique period of time. I know radio opportunities will return but for now I’m doing my bit.

Once again blown away by my lock down job. Delivering for the store community team, to people who are at home because of the situation we all find ourselves in and it’s unwise for them to venture to the supermarket.

A lovely old lady tapped on the window of my van after I dropped to her next door neighbour and asked if I was from Morrison’s (we have plain white vans currently)? I said yes, and she gives me her neatly hand written shopping list to save phoning it in to the store. She adds it’s a big order so no rush just by the weekend please.

Her complete list was for just 21 items which I’m guessing is a weeks food and treats? You know you’re doing something pretty important for people on days like today.

January 2, 2020

Getting Into Radio

This page originally appeared on my website probably 10 years ago and is still as valid today.

Like most industries radio is a tough place at the moment, but the rewards are still good if you’re prepared to make some effort and the odd sacrifice.

My top ten tips on how to get into radio:

10. Be Flexible: That initial break will come when you least expect it

9. Right Place at the Right Time: Not every opening is advertised, start sending emails and calling PC’s (radio station bosses) to find out what’s going on

8. Foot in the Door: I started making tea at Beacon Radio in Wolverhampton

7. Unpaid Work: It is all about getting into the station, be it doing promo work or even cleaning out a store cupboard

6. Travel: If you can travel outside of your home town or city your options are far greater

5. Hospital Radio: Learn the ropes and make mistakes. I started out doing a Friday night show at Sandwell Hospital Radio which proved to be a great training ground

4. Tech Op: I did this at Beacon whilst presenting on Hospital Radio; it gave me a chance to use professional gear and get a real insight into the workings of a proper radio station.

3. Ask Questions: Once you get into a station, ask plenty of questions and listen to the answers; you’ll be surprised what you can learn

2. Listen to the Radio: I was a sales rep before landing a full time gig which gave me the chance to travel the country and listen to many different stations. It is much easier to do this today with the internet

1. Keep Trying: It took me about two years from starting out at Beacon to actually getting my first on-air shift. If you get knocked back, try again and again. You won’t land Radio 1 breakast with 6 months experience but with a few years under your belt you might.

Email any other questions and I wish you the best of luck.